Friday, January 13, 2006


This blog is for victim/survivors of rabbinic sexual misconduct (and sexual abuse perpetrated by other Jewish religious leaders), their advocates and supporters only. I created this site to be a place of safety, support, education and healing.

The only people who should visit this site are victim/survivors, advocates and the people that support them. My blog is not a place for political forums and no one will use my site for any other purpose other than that which it is intended - period.

As a survivor of rabbinic sexual misconduct, I know how very difficult it is for victims to learn to trust again. This is why I intend to keep this site safe for victims. I was terrified to even speak to non-Jewish advocates for fear that somehow my abuser would discover that I'd ended my silence. My fears were well-founded because once my rabbi-abuser did discover that I had talked about the abuse, he physically assaulted me at shul before Oneg one Erev Shabbos. After he assaulted me, he calmly led the congregation in reciting HaMotzi. This man is Hillul HaShem - an abomination in the eyes of G-d.

I have had the opportunity to meet and/or have contact with quite a few "rabbi's" who are completely unsuited for their chosen careers. Some of the worst men I've had contact with or heard of are also "men of G-d", or "rabbi's". These men have not earned the title Rabbi in my eyes - hence, when I refer to their job title, I put it in quotes: "rabbi" with no capitalization. This is my way of denoting a "rabbi" that needs to go into another line of work - perhaps selling Kosher hotdogs on the street corner.

Having said this about "rabbi's", this leads me to the point of this post. Recently there has been a comment posted on this site that was highly inappropriate and I have deleted it. I will state again that this site is for education, support, and healing only. I have been subjected to online threats - perpetrated by a "rabbi" who doesn't care for the fact that I stand firmly behind the victim and I publically scorn abusive "rabbi's". I attempted to ignore the threats until I was subjected to attacks against my computer, now I will no longer ignore this "man".

I can tell you this - the activity I have just mentioned is being reported to the police today. I have this "rabbi's" cell phone number, home address and phone number - thanks to a dear friend who lives near this "man". In other words, I have enough information to ensure that the local authorities can pursue this "man" and I intend to see him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Due to the recent hacking attacks on my computer (I have been warned that this "rabbi" has a habit of doing just this sort of thing), I decided that I must write about this in a post. I will reveal the name of this man in my next post - after I have spoken to the police.


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